Dimitris Papathanasis -  better known as Dimi Phaze, is a Greek songwriter, music producer,Dj,remixer. Dimi is raised in Athens with a huge passion for music. He grew up listening to all kinds of music, with pop music being on the top of his list. 
Dimi began making music at a young age.By the tender age of 7, he decided to seriously develop his already established passion and get into a music school. He stood for almost 6 years before he moved to a professional college which specialized in the contemporary music 

In 1996, Dimi Phaze (alongside his instruments) recorded mostly rock-type tracks. 
A couple of years later he paired other styles with his current influences and evolved to an open-minded producer ready to spread his talent around the world. 

At the same time Following the release of his debut album *Season One*, Dimi Phaze got the recognition he deserved. 
The massive hit "All This Love" was the track that introduced him to the world. It is this track that has the most airplay compared to any other electronica composition. 

In 2010 he collaborated with SONY for various remixes and Venues. This was the final reason SONY music signed him to their roster and released his second personal album “Simple”. 

So far Dimi has released 2 personal albums( SEASON ONE and SIMPLE ), 24 remixes, 57 compilations, 6 singles. Now Dimi is in the studio working on his 3rd album , which will be soon released from Amour Records.