Midnight : Zeros, or commonly known as Aliki Metallinou and Nikos Fragoulis, is a synth-loving,nostalgic melodies driven, urban music landscaping, Athenian electronic duo. Both born and raisedin Athens their paths have been totally different but had one main focal point, music.

Drawinginspiration from vastly diverse mediums, Midnight : Zeros started making music fusing variouselements and sounds, seeking to express the urban vibe of their hometown, its people and theirfeelings.Following their performance on the stage of Piraeus 117 Academy as a support band for K. BHTA, they are dropping their EP entitled, “Don't Give In”, featuring five tracks written and recorded overthe last four years, combining synthesizers and electro elements with mature pop tunes and minimalguitars.

Among them you can find their new single, “The Great Escape”, an up-tempo track with asummery mood and an atmospheric ambient remix by K. BHTA on their track “ChineseMonograms”.

The EP is released by Amour Records on 4/11 in digital form on all online platforms and will soonbe available as a physical product (CD).Artwork / Design by Midnight : Zeros


https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=midnight+zeros https://soundcloud.com/midnight-zeros https://www.instagram.com/midnightzeros/?hl=en