The Greek – Canadian Alternative Hip Hop Artist Ero Seagull released her debut album Evolution on June 14th from Amour Records. The album consists of eleven (11) songs that were written and recorded during a twelve-month period in Athens, Greece at The Cave Studio and the studio Future Perfect. It is produced by Ero Seagull, Dieselbytes Supreme, Marilena Orfanou, mrpc (Afrocream) and engineered and mastered by Ekelon and Selini.

Fourteen electro / hip hop songs (incl. a Charles Bukowski reading set to music) that mix rock, EDM and funk elements. Theme wise the tracks vary. One is about love or finding a girlfriend cheating, another one is about a better world, one is through Jesus’ perspective and another one is through Romeo’s perspective (Romeo & Juliet).

Leon Rhymes (Too Many T’s) and Daphne Bluebird are the two featured artists in the album in the songs What’s in a Romeo and Choose Love.



Ero Seagull - Evolution