Someone Who Isn’t Me is a new music project by three women in Athens: Marilena Orfanou (synths, composer — Berlin Brides, DJ Loo)Maria Hatzakou (drums — film producer at Haos Film) Gina Dimakopoulou (guitar — Katrin the Thrill)

They love analogue sounds and toy synths, chaotic guitars and fake strings, female vocals and off-beat rhythms.

S.W.I.M.’s first appearance was a live ciné concert at the 16th Festival du film francophone de Grèce in 2015, where they performed their original soundtrack for the silent 1929 film S.W.I.M.’s first single — NEVER FIND IT — featuring Natasha

Giannaraki was written specially for the closing credits of Athina Rachel Tsangari’s 2015 feature CHEVALIER, which won Best Film at the BFI London Film Festival.

S.W.I.M.’s first 7inch vinyl STOP & REMEMBER (feat Σtella) / LEAP OF FAITH (feat Coti), was released in February 2017, by Inner Ear Records.

In 2017, they played their first live gig at the Winter Plissken Festival in Athens, before heading to Austin as a showcase artist at the SXSW. They wrote the soundtrack and performed live music at the theater play LULU directed by Dimitra


Their second 7-inch single GOMENAKI was released in May 2018, by Amour Records. The music video directed by Alkis Papastathopoulos and produced by Haos Film had more than 100K views in just one month. The song and the video

were acclaimed by the press, Greek radio stations and fans as the ultimate indie hit of the summer. It won the Sound Award for best music video at the IndieMemphis Film Festival (November 2018).

In May 2018 they also wrote and performed live, a newly conceived soundtrack for the legendary silent film, Pandora’s box (1929). They are currently collaborating with US director Mike Ott on the soundtrack of his documentary, Kid Icarus.

Their debut album DANCE WITH YOU was released on the 9th of February 2019. (Amour Records).

In May 2019 they released their new music video for Pinku directed by Alkistis Terzi and won the best music award at the Mad about Arts by Campari Awards.

In August they will perform live at the Berlin based music festival Pop Kultur.

They make beautifully off-kilter organic, synth-laden pop songs [SWIT]
The band worked with queer filmmaker Alkis Papastathopoulos for two years to
make the excellent short film/video for Gomenaki and as you can see it was well
worth the time and effort. It’s a fantasy anchored firmly in reality, it reminds me
strongly of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Stop & Remember’ is a swirling assortment of analogue sounds, off-beat rhythms
and transcending vocals, courtesy of Σtella…

A beautiful and soul rising offering of pop, S.W.I.M.’s impeccable composition
along with Σtella’s dreamy vocals are a match made in heaven.

Gomenaki is more than just the viral music video of the week. This song will be the
soundtrack for summer love in 2018.
[Athens Voice]

…the songs reveal S.W.I.M’s elegant instrumental pulse, driven by a keyboardaquarium
ambition that rivals early 1980s sounds, producing grooves that are
captivating in both texture and composition. Forget the average fast and jerky
electro noises – S.W.I.M. enjoy long, silky builds, suitable for after-midnight
highway cruising to anywhere dim and beautiful.